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Pick To Light compass: pick & sort systemen

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bow Functionality Overview
  COMPASS is a software portfolio with modules to update your existing WMS with extra WCS functionality. Both for efficient order management as well as for orderpicking, COMPASS has flexible and optimal answers. A set of paperless picking strategies can be integrated into a total solution with tremendous improvements for your operator performance. We make an amazing cocktail by mixing together existing project experiences and know-how with custom designed solutions for your specific needs.

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Order management

Flexible priority control and optimisations
Split of orders into workorders related to zones and volumes
Grouping of backorders and regular orders for the same delivery address
Automatic and manual release/sheduling of orders

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Zone Pick Systems

Tote handling or Pick-To-Pack (autom. Selection of most suitable carton)
Barcode or rftags
Parallel tracks with merge or pick carrousel
Total integration with PLC code

Orderpicking Strategies


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Strategies: A, B, B+, C, Bcol
Hardware and sofware of our own
Different types of location controllers ( 4/6 decades, numeric/alpha, different colors)

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Pick Carts

Batch picking for totes/pallets/rolco
Versions for manual and automatic pallet trucks
Wifi terminal with wireless bluetooth scanner
With or without Put-To-Light displays

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Sort solutions

For push distribution and special offers (folders)
Sort-to-light & drop-to-light
Equiped with scanners & towerlamps
Optimisations for minimal boxhandling
Check on remaining quantity at end of the zone
Optimisations for boxes and pieces
Also for cool and freeze house

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Different workstation solutions

Value added services with PTL picking
Control stations (weight, count)
Expedition stations (weight control, packlist, labels)
Label stations (met integrated vas)
Kitting station
Exception handling

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Track Controller

Interface with plc (siemens s7, omron)
Integration of barcode scanners and RFID readers
I-points with tote destacker or carton erector
Different type of sorters
Automatic merge points

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